Traffic Operations

LLG has extensive experience in the preparation of operational analyses for intersections and roadway segments. We have produced many before and after type analyses using the Synchro, HCS, Vistro, aaSidra, and TransModeler software packages and other industry-accepted traffic modeling programs to demonstrate the effects associated with street improvement as well as traffic signal installation and modification projects. Our firm possesses the capability to prepare traffic simulation models which simulate and evaluate operating conditions for an individual intersection, a series of intersections through a travel corridor, as well as on an area-wide roadway system basis. We have prepared numerous operational analyses and simulation models for jurisdictions throughout the Southern California region.

LLG believes that operational analyses allow Clients to see through an engineer’s eyes and understand how their roadway modifications can alter traffic flows in simulated real-time conditions. At LLG, we believe that having our Clients understand our designs is just as important as the designs themselves. We strive to bring our Clients and the general public to a higher level of understanding in every way possible. Operational analyses and simulation models are just a couple of ways we achieve this.

Traffic Operations:

  • Coordination and Optimization of Signal Timing
  • Adaptive Signals
  • CORSIM and HCS Modeling
  • Signal Actuation
  • Synchro/SimTraffic Simulation
  • Time-Space Diagrams
  • Controller Interface (CI) Simulation
  • Freeway Operations
  • Traffic Safety Review
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses
  • Turn Pocket Design/Queue