Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) / SB 743 Compliance

LLG is an industry leader and our work continues to evolve in partnership with public agencies, communities and private sector clients by providing Senate Bill (SB) 743 / Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) assessments for a variety of land uses that include context-sensitive, data-rich, and holistic solutions to mobility. In addition to providing VMT assessments, LLG is currently providing support to various Southern California Cities in the development of VMT guidelines and policies, in order to be compliant with SB 743 requirements. LLG also takes an active role with presentations and/or participation in working groups related to SB 743/VMT for professional societies such as ITE, AEP, and APWA.

LLG can assist public agencies and private sector clients with the following services:

  • SB 743 Project Screening
  • Transit Priority Area (TPA) Mapping
  • VMT Project Analysis, Forecast Modeling and Data Analytics
  • VMT Mitigation Analysis (TDM and Fee Programs)
  • SB 743 Peer Review Support
  • VMT Guidelines and Policy Support for Public Agencies
  • Climate Action Plan Support and Air Quality VMT