LLG – A Leader in VMT

VMT Organizations

LLG has been at the forefront of SB 743. LLG has presented, organized, and/or moderated SB 743 expert panels and events for various organizations such as the Law Seminar International, Western District Institute of Transportation Engineers Conference, Association of Environmental Professionals, American Planning Association, American Public Works Association, the San Diego Highway Development Association, the Women’s Transportation Seminar, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Circulate San Diego etc.

LLG staff fully embraces the shift from level of service to vehicle miles traveled and continues to be a leader in preparing VMT analysis. In preparation for this shift, LLG published a company-wide SB 743 guidelines document and holds monthly SB 743 Committee meetings to exchange knowledge and ideas, to empower all staff to embrace this shift, and to provide SB 743 updates.