Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) / SB743 Compliance

Partnering with SANDAG, LLG is an industry leader in determining VMT, and has co-authored a white paper detailing the methodology developed for calculating VMT using the SANDAG regional travel demand model.

The State of California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) released draft guidelines per the requirements of Senate Bill 743 (SB 743) on July 1st, 2014. The recent guidelines embrace VMT as a new, and in certain cases, more relevant metric.

Since the publishing of LLG’s white paper, the firm has continued to immerse itself into the increasingly important field of alternative measures of effectiveness for traffic analyses. LLG extrapolates various types of data from the SANDAG-required model and other models for use in environmental assessments. LLG/SANDAG received the Most Educated About GIS award for the development of the VMT Analysis Methodology presented at the 2013 ESRI International GIS Conference.

LLG data includes:

  • Vehicle Miles Traveled (by time of day, road type, and speed)
  • Vehicle Hours Traveled (by time of day, road type, and speed)
  • Average Trip Lengths (by area, or by mode)
  • Truck Percentages (by truck type)
  • Vehicle/Person Miles by Mode (private vehicle, carpool, transit, walk, etc.)