Walter B. Musial, PE – San Diego

Mr. Musial’s extensive professional experience includes the completion of a broad range of Transportation Planning, Engineering and Design projects in the San Diego County and abroad. Mr. Musial is a registered Traffic Engineer in the State of California and has over 20 years of experience. Mr. Musial is a strong advocate for the advancement of an intermodal mobility ecosystem through systematic research, analysis, and planning. His work includes SB743/VMT compliance, Active Transportation Planning, Master Plans/Specific Plans, Transportation Demand Management (TDM), Data Science Analytics, Micromobility, Transportation Safety, Curbside Management, Mitigation Monitoring, GIS Planning, ITS Solutions, Local/National Transportation Research, Autonomous Vehicles, Traffic Design, Traffic Forecast Modeling and Visual Simulation, Emergency Evacuation, Environmental Impact Reports and Assessments (EIR, EIA), Parking Review, Traffic Calming, Site Access/Circulation Review and Schematic Design/Design Development Support. Mr. Musial remains committed to his professional community serving as a former ITE Chairperson and continues to be a contributing member of the ITE Transportation Capacity and Mobility Task Force and ITE SB743 Subcommittee.